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Welcome to Churros La Fonda

Churros box Not like waffle or pancake, churro is an unfamiliar word to Indonesian snacks-vocabulary. But it's true, you can count with your own fingers how many cafés or restaurants dedicate their menu only for churros, especially original Spanish churros.

Nowadays, there are a lot of varieties of churros like chichi, big churros with filling, some even sell salty churros! Churros La Fonda sells the original Spanish churros only. We serve it with sugar or dipping sauces.

Churros La Fonda is the best place to enjoy the heavenly taste churros. Why? Because it’s original, delicious, affordable and fun! You can easily spot our stall as it made from a modified three wheeler Bajaj with very flashy colors.

Some people asked why we don't serve straight-shaped churros? Well, every name has a tale, so do churros. Centuries ago, Spanish shepherds used to make churros while tending churra sheep high in the mountains. The name "churro" was derived from that sheep because the pastry resembled the sheep's coil-shaped horns.

Buen provecho!